Liquid City SD is a collaborative social venture that
celebrates this region’s world class liquid culture
through networking, events, employment, education, 
content creation, and tours in this exciting industry.



Liquid City is a multi-dimensional company that focuses on FIVE MAJOR verticals: Events, Restaurant Solutions, Content Creation, Merch, and Tours.

We are based in NORTH PARK, in lovely San Diego — aka LIQUID CITY.

Note on this video:

This video was created by our in-house media partners, Infrastructure Productions.  It was created for our first event, LIQUID CITY: Cheese Expo 2019.

Featuring San Diego’s finest Liquid Purveyors, we paired them some of the best cheese makers from around the world!

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Our Partners


“San Diego is known for its mouthwatering array of liquid offerings, including craft beer and spirits, cocktails and artisan wines. In acknowledgment of San Diego’s liquid riches is the recently formed Liquid City.   In its inaugural event, Cheese Expo 2019, the group will celebrate the cornucopia of delights a natural pair: cheese. The Sunday,…

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Liquid City Headquarters is in lovely
North Park in San Diego, CA.

4535 30th St #102
San Diego, CA 92116

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